Unfortunately aging is unavoidable, and moving during one’s senior years is pretty common. Molloy offers specialized services for seniors moving in New York. We understand the stresses and concerns involved in a move for an elderly person and their loved ones. Our senior moves experience ensures that these life-changing moves are done as stress- and hassle-free as possible.

Our Senior moving teams will perform a free, no-obligation, in-home estimate that is sure to put you and your loved ones at ease. We promise the professional and easy to understand estimates that are guaranteed to contains no confusing or “surprise” costs. The teams assigned to senior relocations are carefully picked, pass rigorous Performance and Sensitivity Trainings, and are well-versed in handling moves. We train our New York movers to always keep the “Four R’s” in mind:


At Molloy Moving & Storage, we make sure that the Senior and family feel reassured that their cherished items will remain safe.


We make sure to remind the Senior and family to express any questions or concerns as they arise in the process – their satisfaction is our utmost goal, and communication is key.


Our team is sure to relate to the senior and family in a patient and dignified manner at all times. This will ensure that everyone involved will feel as comfortable and secure as possible.


Our movers are trained to recognize a senior’s limitations and frame of mind throughout the move. We will do our best to facilitate a seamless transition, no matter the circumstance.

When the decision arises to relocate a loved one, Molloy Moving & Storage is ready to handle the process for you and reduce the stress and anxiety along the way. Read through our many other New York Moving tips, or contact us today for all of your moving needs!