Moving Tips

Need some moving tips and advice? Find them here.

Moving can be one of life’s most stressful and emotional experiences, but it doesn’t have to be. Heeding these helpful moving tips from the experienced professionals at Molloy can help alleviate many concerns and make your move a lot more manageable—and a lot less demanding.

Moving & Storage Services
Tip 1

Organization and advanced planning can go a long way in making your move as worry-free as possible. Use a notebook or folder to keep all relevant moving information (e.g., phone numbers, milestone dates, maps of your new town, etc.) in one convenient, hands-on location.

Tip 2

Hold a special “family meeting” to announce details of the move to your children and let them know that this is an exciting change for the entire family. Involve kids in the moving process by having them decorate, label and pack their boxes.

Tip 3

If you’re an “on-the-move” senior, simplify your retirement years by downsizing the number of belongings that will go in your new home. Check with family members to see if they’d like sentimental pieces and consider selling or donating additional items. We can help you store or remove belongings. Call us for recommendations on how to downsize.

Tip 4

Pack with a green thumb and avoid using supplies like foam peanuts that can create a lot of unnecessary trash afterward. Newspaper, for example, is recyclable and makes a secure outer packing wrap or effective cushioning.

Tip 5

Make sure your pet’s routine is disrupted as minimally as possible. In your new home, keep to the normal feeding, exercise and playtime activities. And use familiar food and dishes, beds, blankets and toys to more easily acclimate your pets to their new abode.

Tip 6

First-time homebuyer? Delay major purchases—like furniture, appliances and home entertainment systems—until after you’ve settled in. This not only reduces the number of heavy items you’ll be moving but your moving bill as well.