Want to quickly settle into your new home?

The Molloy OnPoint Preferred provides all those “little extras” that help make settling into your new home simple and stress-free. Our settle-in services include:

  • PC/network disassemble and set up. Eliminate unnecessary downtime. Molloy certified packers will disassemble computers and wireless network prior to your move, then reassemble and reconnect them in your new home, so you’ll be back online in no time.
  • Home theater disassemble and set up. Channel surf with little interruption. Molloy disassembles your wall- or stand-mount home theater system, then reassembles and reconnects it in your new home.
  • Cleaning services. Let Molloy take one thing off your to-do list. Whether it’s moving in or moving out, our professional cleaning services beautify your home with environmentally preferred cleaning products.
  • Appliance hook-up services. We will hook up washers and dryers, refrigerator ice makers and any other appliance we move into your new home.

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For added protection and convenience, OnPoint Preferred also provides:

  • Destination debris pickup. Within 30 days of delivery, we’ll pick up empty cartons and other packing waste and dispose of them for you.
  • Increased destination waiting time. Moves are stressful—and sometimes unpredictable. That’s why if we arrive at your destination, and you’re not there yet, we’ll wait for you—up to four hours!
  • Additional delay payment. In the unlikely event that Molloy is late in delivering your belongings to your new home, we’ll compensate you for the delay.