Whether moving to a new zip code is work-related, family related, or simply a personal choice, adjusting to a new city can be intimidating. Many people who face a move to a new city are leaving behind anything familiar, right down to their family and friends. To help you settle in quicker and feel more at home, look at these tips to acclimate to a new city as quickly as possible.

Plan a Day to Mingle With the Locals

You can learn much about a new place simply by getting out and minglings. A few good ways to get in touch with the locals can include:

  • Visiting a local public library
  • Checking out a local brewery or pub
  • Grabbing local food at a high-rated restaurant in the area
  • Stopping in at the local small businesses and shops

Join a Local Citizen’s Group

Most locations have local organizations that bring community members together. Track down a local co-op to see what activities or groups they may host. Visit a city council meeting to get an insight into local concerns and events. You may even want to sign up to volunteer for local charitable organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity or a local soup kitchen or shelter.

Check out Local Festivals and Events

Each town and city in the U.S. is unique because each is usually known for something specific. For example, Long Island is known for its fairs, festivals, and beaches in the summer months. And it’s breweries, hiking, and apple picking in the fall. You may also find open-to-the-community events at local colleges and universities, like concerts and theater presentations. 

Make Your New Home Feel More Familiar

Getting familiar with the city is essential, but it is also vital for the place where you sleep and live to feel like home instead of a house. If you struggle to feel comfortable, try making the house you are in feel more familiar. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Hang up similar window treatments
  • Display family photos or photos of people you miss
  • Arrange your furniture in a way reminiscent of the home you left behind

Another key is to do familiar activities in the new place. At first, the house can feel like a hotel room or a stay with a relative. This often stems from not having a lot of memories within the four walls. So instead, do something fun, such as having a family movie night or cooking a special meal.

Invite Loved Ones to Visit

There’s a reason why 72 percent of people in America live either in their hometown or nearby—family. When people were asked in one survey why they stayed close to home, half said it was to be close to family. So if you want to make your new location feel a little more comfortable, bring your loved ones over to make some new memories. It can be challenging to see a new city as a place that is a fitting part of your life if the people you love have never been in the area or your home with you.

On the Move to Your New City

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