Green movers? That’s Molloy

Molloy is dedicated to protecting the environment through compliance with best practices and procedures that ensure our business and operations help reduce waste, minimize pollution and conserve energy and raw materials. In addition, we strive for continuous improvements in our environmental strategies in order to protect our customers, our operators and our employees.

As a green mover, Molloy:

  • Routinely sets, reviews and updates environmental objectives.
  • Provides direction to our agents, contractors and employees with regard to improving environmental performance.
  • Reduces waste by limiting materials sent to landfills.

Molloy always provides residential and commercial movers with environmentally sound recommendations relating to recyclable boxes and packing material. We also participate in a variety of reuse and recycling programs.

Through our affiliation with Move for Hunger, we can also advise you how to donate nonperishable food; reducing waste and helping local food pantries help the needy.