New Jersey MoversAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, every year one in five families make the move to a new home. That’s 20% of all families each year! Leaving an old home and moving to a new one can be difficult for adults, and it can be even more difficult for children to adjust to. After all, they’ve only known one bedroom and one home, and it’s definitely difficult to let go of that attachment and psychologically adjust to the concept that they’ll be moving to a completely new home. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that your child’s experience moving is a good one. Molloy movers can help you move as well as meet your children on their level. Kids want to feel in control when moving, when so much is out of their control. When children are comfortable with the movers who will be taking their things and packing them up, they are more likely to join in and feel positive about the whole experience. What else can you do to prepare your kids when moving?

Explain You’re Starting a New Adventure

Kids generally don’t have much experience coping with change. Try to characterize your move as a big adventure, not a loss of something. That way, they’ll be excited instead of sad and incredibly anxious. Plan a fun meal before the move and let them know that they can get a fun new piece of furniture, poster, or something similar for their new room so they’ll be excited instead of sad.

Discuss the Move Beforehand

Ease kids into moving by discussing the move with them for weeks before it happens. Ask them how they feel about it and what they’re excited about when it comes to their new home and what they want to do with their new room and their new house. Discuss projects you could do at your new house, like building a birdhouse or starting a garden.

Pack a Special Carry-On

Ease your child’s anxiety by packing their favorite toys and stuffed animals in a special carry on bag that they can have right by their side. They’ll feel a lot better having their favorite stuffed animal right by their side and not feel like everything they love is being temporarily taken away from them.

Introduce Them to the Movers

You can also introduce your kids to the movers on the big day so they don’t have anxiety about having to be around strangers. Moving can be stressful. Our movers care about pets and kids and go above and beyond to make clients and children comfortable. Having the kids know the people who are moving their things will help them feel more comfortable about the whole experience in general, helping you have a stress-free move.

Include Them

Including your children in the process makes them feel important and in control. Give them special tasks that are within their range, like packing up their special stuffed animals, etc. You can even have them make a phone call to a few relatives, telling them this is the big day. They’ll feel special and included, and any anxiety will melt away.

Our New Jersey movers care about giving you the best moving experience possible! Thousands of families move every year. Moving with kids isn’t always easy! If your family is moving, consult Molloy Moving & Storage today and see how we can make your move as seamless and hassle-free as possible for both you and your children.