Planning a commercial move in New York can be very stressful, but it’s possible to do it in a way that’s organized and efficient with enough preparation. Your move doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Check out this guide to corporate moving and see how you can plan your commercial move so that it is as streamlined and easy as possible. Molloy Moving & Storage knows how to help you get to your new location efficiently and successfully! And we’re local!

Tagging and Marking

Tagging and marking is an important part of any commercial move. It may seem like overkill to place labels and tags on everything, but it’s necessary because your company property is going to be arriving to a new office and everything needs to get to the right location safely. Make sure you have labels and tag and mark absolutely everything, composing a corresponding list of your itinerary so you know exactly what’s leaving and what needs to be arriving.


Molloy Moving & Storage can help you make all your labeling easier with colored labels! You can use these colored labels to identify everything you’re moving and color code different items for the ultimate in organization. It’s a good idea to get more labels than you think you might need as well as safety pins for attaching moving labels to furniture to avoid having to use adhesives which may leave marks.

Standardize the Way You Label

moving-labelMake the move easy by labeling and marking in the same way. For office moving, make a list and mark in the left column which floor the object will be moving to and label accordingly. You can also specify the room to which the item is moving, marking in the middle column. For instance, a chair could be moved to your private office, the lamp may go to the cubicle. Assign a number to each object you will be moving so that you can keep everything organized. Items with multiple parts should have different numbers assigned to each part. Computers and accessories for your computer should be placed in individual bags, each labeled. It may seem like overkill, but this will help you to keep everything organized as well as accounted for.

Have Your Employees Help with Inventory

Each employee should make an inventory of the objects they are moving and assign each a number. Have them note the contents of all bags and boxes and record their items and then tag and mark them as well.

Lay Out Files

moving-filesYour filing cabinets are also going to need to be alleviated of the files in them and it’s important that they not only arrive but are able to be placed in the proper location once they do. If you have multiple filing cabinets, assign them each letters. Then label and mark your files. Place them into boxes and label. File A box will need to be in the corner that is furthest from the door to help the movers understand what sequence the files need to be delivered in. Use labels for the filing cabinets and write the floor and room number as well as letter of file in the block for the Piece. Then number the drawers. Bottom drawer is one and so on until you get to the top. With individual file boxes, you’re going to want to make matching labels. Match the labels to the file cabinet and drawer. So for file cabinet B with drawer 1, the box label will say B-1.

Make sure to look through what you’re moving and what is staying. If you’re sorting through items and see one that isn’t moving with you, put a label on it that says “Stay”. Otherwise, it might unwittingly be packed up and moved. Items that you want to dispose of should be labeled “Trash”. That way, there’s no confusion about what’s staying, and what’s going. Leased items may also be labeled “LEASE” so that they can be picked up by a leasing agent easily.

Moving commercial objects can be exhausting, and that’s just the preparation stages! Commercial moving services can help you move everything once the inventories are completed and everything is ready to go. If you need a professional commercial moving service in New York after all the tagging and labeling is done, Molloy can help! Read through our many other moving tips, or contact us today to see how we can make your commercial moving easy, organized, and hassle free!