Living in a high-rise building can provide great city views and access to lots of natural light. In addition, many high-rise buildings offer excellent amenities such as in-building gyms, pools, low-maintenance, and door attendants to collect packages and screen visitors. However, moving into a high-rise building poses unique challenges. Here are some tips to help your move into a high-rise go smoothly.


Decluttering is essential before every move but is particularly important before moving into a high-rise. Remember that everything will need to be loaded onto an elevator and taken down a long hallway before arriving at your condo or apartment. Also, many high-rise apartments or condos have limited space to allow room for the building amenities. So only bring the items you need to fit easily into the floor plan.

Start decluttering as soon as possible. First, sort your possessions into four piles: Keep, Discard, Sell, or Give Away. Then, consider how the new surroundings will change what you need. For example, if the new apartment has smaller bedrooms, you may want to get rid of your king-size bed in favor of a queen-size one. 

Schedule any donation pickups or drop-offs. Having a deadline will keep you motivated and organized.

Floor Plans and Logistics

Having a floor plan helps you plan out the space ahead of time. It also allows you and your professional household mover to assess particular challenges, such as narrow hallways. If the building has a designated loading dock or specific parking lot for moving vans, locate it ahead of time.  Walking the route, the movers will take and taking measurements along the way is helpful to avoid trying to move a piece of furniture that won’t fit.

Obey the Rules

Most high-rise buildings have policies and rules regarding moves. They’ll specify the days and times when you can use the elevator and where the moving van can park, for example. You may also need to clear your moving day ahead of time. Be sure you know and comply with all the rules to avoid fines. 

Ensure Your Safety

Safeguard yourself and your family by changing locks and considering a burglar alarm. Also, make sure your unit has working smoke alarms and determine where to locate a fire extinguisher strategically. Finally, clean the unit thoroughly and do any necessary child-proofing or pet-proofing before moving in.

Hire a Moving Company

Moving into an apartment or condo is a significant challenge and can quickly exhaust even a fit person. High-rise buildings also often have insurance requirements that only a professional mover will meet. So again, hiring a professional can save you hassles and injury. 

You can find a moving company by asking friends for referrals and checking ads. Your building manager may also have recommendations. Obtain estimates or quotes from at least three movers and study them before choosing one.

Once you’ve hired the mover, put them in touch with building management to ensure they’ve provided any paperwork building management requires.

We Can Help

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