Beyond the age of 18, one person may move at least nine times throughout the rest of their lifetime, according to data gathered by the United States Census. While most of these moves will be a full-on transition from one home to the next, sometimes, a move is temporary. For example, you may move from your parent’s home and into a dorm room or an old house into a rental until you find your next permanent residence. 

If you are moving to a more temporary place, you can take a few steps to make things much easier in the process. Here are a few good ideas. 

1. Consider short-term storage rental

Short-term storage can be an excellent option if you are moving into a temporary space. While some storage companies will require you to commit to a long-term contract, many rent units by the month. Your professional movers might even have convenient and safe long or short-term storage available.

Placing your items in storage can make more sense if you have many things that you don’t necessarily use daily. Plus, renting a storage unit can sometimes be more financially feasible than renting a larger temporary space that will house all of your belongings. 

2. Downsize where possible

The more you can downsize when moving to an in-between home, the fewer items you will have that will need to be double-handled. For example, if you have a substantial collection of kitchen mugs, these items will be more likely to be damaged the more times they have to be relocated. Scaling down your collection will lighten your load during multiple transitions. 

3. Pair down your essentials and storable items

Consider the items you will definitely need at the in-between home and what could easily be stored or kept packed. As you pack, create boxes that you will use and boxes that you can logically tuck away until you get moved to the more permanent residence. For instance, if you have a complete collection of winter and summer clothing, keep out only the clothing you will wear in the next few months. 

4. Be descriptive with box labels when packing

When you are packing, and you know the place you are moving to is not going to be a long-term place to live, be especially descriptive when you label your boxes. If you are like most people, you won’t unpack everything at the in-between home. Therefore, you can forget a lot about what is in each box by the time you do get to your final home.

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