If you’ve just moved or plan to relocate very soon, there are many things you can do to settle in and make your new house feel like home. By lighting the space well, buying some plants, and by adding warm, cozy elements to your home, you can enjoy a new year in your new space. Here are some suggestions. 

1. Buy Some Plants

Plants can make your new home feel cozy and comfortable. You may have gotten rid of your plants when you left your old home – now is the time to buy beautiful new plants! Start small at first – don’t commit yourself to more than a few house plants until you’re fully moved in and unpacked. Then, to make things even easier on yourself, buy plants that come in a beautiful pot that you won’t need to transplant any time soon.

Pay attention to the lighting conditions in your new home and decide in advance where you want the plants to go. This way, you’ll be sure to buy plants that are right for the sunlight exposure in your home. 

2. Add More Light

Sunlight makes your home feel more inviting. In addition to changing the mood of your home’s interior, sunlight also makes your new house feel more airy and spacious. You can encourage light in your home by choosing your curtains carefully.

Black-out curtains can darken your home by blocking light – even when they’re only partially closed. To avoid blocking light unnecessarily, use sheers. These lightweight curtains block the view into your house from the street, thus providing privacy and allowing sunlight to filter into your space

3. Buy Some Throw Pillows and Blankets

Throw pillows and blankets can make your home environment feel cozy and inviting. If you don’t have throw pillows and blankets already, now is the time to invest in them! Put them in rooms where you naturally spend time relaxing, like your living room, bedroom, and on the sofa in your four-seasons room. 

4. Start a New Tradition

Another way to make your home feel more yours is by starting a new tradition. Whatever you choose for your new tradition, somehow tie it back to your home. Maybe you’ll have popcorn and movie night every Friday evening or special family dinners on Sunday. Whatever the tradition, make it something special. 

5. Hang Pictures On the Walls

Hanging pictures on the walls can make your home feel like you’re fully moved in. You may already have art from your last house, and it’s alright to use that, but you should also buy some new art to dress up your new walls. Match the art to the interior spaces and the paint on the walls to ensure that your new art looks like it belongs. Put the art up as soon as possible to make your home feel more like it’s yours

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