The weather outside is frightful, so learn how to make your move delightful!

It’s the start of another new year, and for those of us in New York and New Jersey, that means freezing temperatures and (occasionally) snow. It’s not exactly ideal moving conditions, but you don’t always have the opportunity to wait for warmer weather. Follow these hot tips for moving in cold weather.

  1. Don’t pack your winter supplies. Keep your shovel, ice scraper, rock salt and winter clothing and accessories with you in case weather conditions change suddenly.
  2. Dress in layers. Be mindful of your body temperature when moving in cold weather. It’s easy to get overheated and forget how cold it is. Keeping the doors to your home open while you move will also help balance the temperature inside and outside, so temperature change won’t be as extreme. Remember to keep extremities—your ears and hands—covered to protect against chapping or frostbite.
  3. Clear the snow from the driveway and walkway of your new home. Don’t be so intent on getting boxes inside that you forget to clear a safe path from the moving truck to the house. A bit of preparation can prevent a trip to the ER later.
  4. Don’t pack things that can be damaged by the extreme cold. An unheated moving truck can get very cold in the winter. Make sure you haven’t packed anything that can get damaged from exposure to freezing temperatures.
  5. Let your electronics warm up. It’s important to let your appliances such as TVs, music systems, microwaves and washing machines reach room temperature before turning them on in order to avoid malfunctions.

Now that you have these winter moving safety tips, let the professionals handle the rest: contact Molloy Brothers today.