Packing for a move can be overwhelming. You’ve gone through all of your belongings and donated or thrown out anything that wasn’t worth keeping. And of the items that you did keep, some are more valuable than others. Follow these helpful tips to ensure your valuables safely make the trip to your new space.

  1. Create an inventory list. While you’re organizing for your move, take detailed pictures of your valuable items, like antique furniture pieces or other family heirlooms that are too large to carry with you. This will be useful in the event you have to make a claim. What’s more, any box worth more than $100 per pound (think crystal and china) needs to be recorded on a “high value” form and given to the moving truck driver.
  2. Don’t try to move large items alone. That baby grand piano you inherited from your grandmother or that antique chandelier should be moved by professionals. And make sure the movers you select have the proper equipment and experience.
  3. Keep jewelry, important papers and other irreplaceable items with you. Keep expensive jewelry, important paperwork and other irreplaceable items with you when you move to decrease liability and ensure those items make the trip with you.
  4. Tape valuable artwork. Making a large X with masking or painter’s tape on anything under glass will help keep the glass from shattering. Specially made boxes and crates are other possibilities for keeping your artwork damage-free.
  5. Use the right kind of moving boxes. Using quality boxes is your first line of defense against broken items. And ensure the items in them don’t move when you shake the box. If they do, add more padding and fill the box to the top. Always tape the top of the box instead of folding in the flaps for a more secure, stable box. Unsure of how to pack your possessions? Let the professionals do it for you with a full-service packing option.

Now that you know the best ways to keep your valuables safe during a move, add an extra layer of protection: Contact Molloy, the experts in packing, moving and storing the valuables you treasure most.