Striking out on your own to move into your first apartment is a momentous time in your life. It’s important to be sure you’re prepared to take this big step and that you’ve done all your research first. These useful tips will make moving into your first apartment an easy transition with fewer surprises.

  1. Measure the layout. It’s important to have a good sense of your apartment’s layout and each room’s dimensions before you move to be sure your furniture will fit. You should also take measurements of windows, so you can purchase window coverings before moving in.
  2. Read your lease carefully. Many buildings have specific rules for moving. You may only be allowed to move in on a certain day, within a certain amount of time or within certain hours. You may have to use the freight elevator or pay a moving fee. Read your lease carefully, and discuss any questions with your landlord prior to moving day. Additionally, some buildings require a certificate of insurance or COI. Your Molloy move coordinator can help with this requirement.
  3. Schedule deliveries for moving day. Chances are you’ll need to purchase big items like a bed, couch or dining room table for your first apartment. Coordinating these deliveries for the same time you’re moving in is useful in buildings that have strict delivery rules.
  4. Remember the basics. You may be used to living at home where all of the staples are already there, but now, you’re on your own. Don’t forget you’ll need cleaning supplies, towels, a shower curtain, garbage cans, condiments and other items you may take for granted.
  5. Get renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance may not be required in your new apartment, but it’s still highly recommended for any renter. A pipe can burst, your upstairs neighbor’s bathtub could overflow, or your apartment may be broken into. Renter’s insurance will provide you with important peace of mind. Policies are relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of replacing your belongings should the worst happen.

Now that you know how to make the move to your first apartment the smart way, make moving into it smarter—and easier—with Molloy, specialists in urban moves and apartment moves. Contact a Molloy move coordinator today.