If you’re moving and hoping to pack at warp speed, you may want to take a little more time when packing your Star Trek collectibles. At Molloy Bros., we know how important your belongings are (we don’t need to use mind-melding to figure that out!), so here are five tips to ensure that your rare items transport during your move as safely as you do.

  1. Wrap them right. Forget peanuts—items can settle and, therefore, shift during transit. Instead, opt for bubble wrap and foam wrap; these are the best choices to ensure your collectibles stay safe. And don’t skimp! Filling any empty spaces in your boxes will prevent your belongings from moving around. Play it safe by layering three to four pieces of surface wrap with a 2-inch clearance from the top of the box. If you’re particularly concerned about the safety of your collectibles, it might be a job for the professionals. Moving companies do not take responsibility for damaged items that were “packed by owner.” Take advantage of full-service packing from your moving company to ensure everything arrives safely and intact.
  2. Boxes or bubble wrap may not cut it for some of your oddly shaped, one-of-a-kind items, so you may want to consider custom-fit foam packing to ensure safe delivery to your new home. The extra expense will be worth it when your item arrives safe and sound.
  3. Be aware of weight. A heavy box can not only crush a lighter box, but when you pack too many collectibles into one box, there’s more of a tendency for things to get broken. Keeping the weight of your boxes around 30 to 40 pounds is ideal. And since your collectibles are too precious for rough estimates, we recommend using a standard bathroom scale to be sure of the weight of your boxes. Plus, you should fill out the movers’ high value form, which helps you identify items that are considered high in value or worth more than $100 per pound.
  4. Not all storage units are created equal. If you need to store your collectibles because you’re downsizing (or your significant other has issued an ultimatum about your life-sized cutout of Spock), make ensure your storage unit has the following amenities:
    • Security system. If your collectibles are going to be stored, you want to know that they’re safe. For some peace of mind, be sure to find a storage facility with 24-hour security monitoring.
    • Climate controlled. Items in storage can be affected by changes in the weather. To ensure your items stay in mint condition, make sure your unit is temperature-controlled.
    • Space saver. Although your collectibles may be your top priority, if you need to store other items, you may want to save as much space as possible. Palletized storage containers are a great way to keep your belongings safe, but still enable you to utilize your unit’s space.
  5. Live long and … insure. If Beyoncé can insure her hair, then you can insure your collectibles. Be sure to get a written appraisal of your items before you move or store them, so you will know their actual value in the case of loss or damage. And although money can’t make up for the loss of your Dr. McCoy plaque signed by DeForest Kelley himself, it will definitely help with the heartache.

For more tips on how to make sure your rare collectible items arrive safely to live long and prosper at your new home, contact the moving and storage professionals at Molloy Our expert packers will ensure your precious keepsakes arrive safe and sound.