You’ve decided to move—but does the thought of packing, moving and settling down in your new digs stress you out more than rush hour traffic and public speaking combined? You’re not alone. Luckily, the moving experts at Molloy have come up with four ways you can decrease stress during your move. So, take a deep breath, relax and get excited about your new home.

  1. Make a list. Can you imagine going to the supermarket to buy things for Thanksgiving dinner without a grocery list? We can’t either. Making a checklist for your move can help you stay organized, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting important items or tasks you need to complete. Less worry equals a happier you.
  2. Hoard no more. If you get feelings of anxiety when you think about everything you own that will have to be packed up, then it’s time to throw things away. Follow these guidelines to declutter your current home and make the packing for your new abode a lot less stressful:
    • Clothes: Haven’t worn an item in two years? Get rid of it. Need inspiration? Follow Marie Kondo’s steps for tidying up.
    • Books: Unless you plan on rereading it or it’s a first edition, it’s time to donate.
    • Food: Throw out anything that’s old, rotting or long-unused. Canned goods and other nonperishables (not expired, of course) can be donated to good causes. For example, Molloy will donate your nonperishables to Move for Hunger on the day of your move, saving you time while doing good for the community.
    • Receipts, bills and documents: If you don’t need them for store returns or for tax reasons, then you don’t need them in your life.
    • Electronics: If it’s old or unused, sell it on websites such as Gazelle or Nextworth.
  3. Collect boxes. Moving can take a physical and mental toll on you, but it can also take a toll on your wallet. Before buying boxes, check out places such as grocery stores, retail stores and bulk-buy stores—they generally have a used supply on hand, so ask the employees who unpack inventory if they will give you a stack. And if you still need supplies, Molloy sells the moving supplies you need.
  4. Take time for yourself. This may seem counterintuitive (especially if you’re staring at a pile of empty boxes that should’ve been filled yesterday), but taking care of yourself is essential to decreasing stress. Healthy eater? Make sure you’re fueling yourself with the foods you know your body loves and be sure to stay hydrated. Don’t have time to cook? Opt for healthier takeout options. And if you have kids, make sure to set aside time with them during your move: take them out for ice cream, take them to the movies or hangout at a playground for the afternoon—the fresh air will do them (and you!) a lot of good.

For more tips on how to decrease your stress surrounding an upcoming move, contact the moving professionals at Molloy today. They’re experienced at making your moving experience a stress-free one.