Looking for tech-savvy movers? Molloy Moving & Storage has an app for that!

It’s no secret that some moving and storage companies just don’t get today’s technology, but Molloy is different. Our new video estimate service was designed with millennials (and their parents and grandparents) in mind. You get a fast, convenient way to an accurate cost estimate for your move, no matter what your age.

Today, more than ever, time is money. And, having what you need when you need it right there at your fingertips—who isn’t down with that? With the Molloy Video Estimate service:

  • There’s no waiting to schedule an appointment for an estimate. Instead, you set the day and time for your estimate, you conduct a survey of the contents of your home at your own convenience—day or night—and get an accurate estimate from a Molloy rep practically on the spot.
  • Guesswork is a thing of the past. Our streamlined survey process leverages smartphone technology (both Android and iPhone app) and saves a video to a secure, accessible cloud-based server—eliminating guesswork for you and your driver on moving day.
  • The middle man is eliminated. You’re in charge of what gets moved and what stays and it’s all recorded and easily accessible in case you need to change things up.
  • It’s great for all ages. There’s a technology that even your grandmother will love. (Just give her a chance!)

For easy, step-by-step instructions on how to use our new video estimate service, contact the moving professionals at Molloy today.