Entrepreneurs and business decision-makers often see plenty of value in investing in new office furniture. These include improved ergonomics for employees, a more professional and impressive company image, and the ability to lower taxable income. Although professionals generally like the perks, challenges do persist. Ranked among the more difficult involves the logistical hurdles of removing and disposing of the outdated furniture. However, experienced corporate office movers can provide solutions such as the following.

1: Identifying Destinations for Old Office Furniture

One of the unenviable tasks of uniformly updating an entire office stems from old office furniture disposal costs. Therefore, it’s essential to have a plan for how to handle the furniture.

The good news is that experienced moving companies routinely swap out old furniture for new and develop a wealth of contacts along the way. Accessing the following industry contacts can reduce costs.

  • Recycling: Metal desks, shelves, and other items may be viable for recycling. An experienced moving company can deliver designated recyclables, so you get paid for the materials. Considering landfills charge to drop off the same items, that’s a win-win.
  • Used Furniture Outlets: By working with an established company, business decision-makers can schedule a consultation that includes advice. In other words, the movers have likely transported office furniture to used outlets before and have a reasonably good idea of how that process works. A few tips about the better-suited destinations for your items save time and money.

Where these items land typically depends on their condition and type. Given most business professionals are not experts in old office furniture removal, an experienced commercial mover may prove to be an invaluable resource.

2: Creating a Cost-Effective Removal and Delivery Plan

It’s essential to have an office moving plan. Companies that decide to outsource furniture removal in a piecemeal method might run into unanticipated headaches. Hiring a bunch of strong backs and renting a truck too often leads to setbacks. Don’t be surprised when the one person who can drive a box truck can’t make it or someone gets injured during the process. Those are among the many reasons it’s not unusual for businesses that go the DIY route to find themselves in a logistical challenge.

By contrast, professional commercial movers map out a pickup and delivery plan well in advance. A lead person will likely possess familiarity with your office items, and the experienced staff arrives with all the leverage equipment necessary to make the process error-free. Commercial moving companies do this every day, and things typically run like clockwork.

3: Negotiate One Cost-Effective Deal with a Commercial Mover

Perhaps the primary way that working with experienced commercial movers simplifies the process involves services. A full-service moving company offers a wide variety of aid that minimizes the need for company personnel to invest their valuable time. Business decision-makers have the opportunity to review all the support a moving company can provide and select the services that make sense. Then, simply craft one agreement with a commercial mover and go back to focusing on goal achievement and generating a profit.

Commercial Relocation Services

If you’re considering purchasing new office furniture, it may be wise to work with a commercial moving company to help navigate the removal of outgoing items. Contact us about a cost-effective quote for services to simplify the process.