Make moving in together (almost) as happy as your wedding day. Here’s how.

 If you’re one of the many deciding to ring in the New Year as a married couple, congratulations! Not only do you get to start the year married, but many of you also get a brand new roommate. For an unprepared couple, cohabitating for the first time can lead to problems big and small. Follow these helpful tips to make your first year—and every year—of marriage the bliss you deserve.

  • Concentrate on the perks of living together. You can now see each other every day, enjoy your mutual hobbies, benefit from a built-in support system at home and share everyday moments.
  • Decide where to live. Will one of you be moving in with the other, or will you be moving to a new home together? Take home size, cost, commute, pet accommodations, neighborhood, and safety into account.
  • Agree on what you’ll keep, throw out or donate. Sharing space often means paring down your belongings. Make sure you’re respectful of each other’s possessions when making the decision to keep or get rid of items. And when it comes time to moving, let your friends enjoy their weekends and hire professional help—it’ll be quicker and easier.
  • Agree on what chores you’re each responsible for. What’s worse than having to change the cat litter or do the dirty dishes? No one doing either. Agreeing who is responsible for what in the beginning will lead to less conflict later.
  • Have the money talk. No one wants to discuss financial matters, but you have to. Decide how you’re dividing expenses, who is responsible for paying the bills, and whether you want to keep your finances separate or combine them.
  • Have your own space and your own life. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you have to be together all the time. Make sure each of you has a place in your home where you can be alone and that you still make time to spend with your friends and families individually.

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