When you have children, moving can be an even more involved and complicated process than it already is. Not only do you have to manage them while preparing for a move, kids can be resistant to change and have a difficult time adjusting to the idea of moving to a new home in New York. Going through the whole process can be tough for a kid. After all, this is the only home they’ve ever known. Check out these tips to help make moving with kids a happier and easier process.

Family moving homeBefore the Move

Before you move, explain to your kids that you will be moving to a new home. Explain the reasons why you are moving so that they understand why and where your family will be moving. Talk to them about how change isn’t a bad thing and why moving to your home will be so great! Kids love new adventures as well, so appeal to their adventurous side by explaining this is an exciting new change and that they will get to have a whole new room and a whole new house to make memories in. Show them a photo of their new room if possible, and chat with them about how they’d like to design their room– paint colors or wallpaper, posters, and layout. They’ll be thrilled that they are in charge of planning their new room’s design!

During the Moving Process

When it’s time to start packing, involve your child in the process. This could be getting special stickers to mark the boxes with their things, or letting them draw over the boxes and write their name. They’ll feel engaged with the process instead of being an outsider. Let them set aside some things they want to take with them on the move and not put into boxes, like stuffed animals or toys. That way, they won’t feel anxiety about their favorite belongings being boxed away. Consult your movers about what you would like during the process as well to help them make your move easier. Don’t forget to pack snacks for the ride, and make your child’s experience more fun by unpacking their things first once you get to your new home. Molloy can even unpack for you, so you can spend time in your new home as a family.

Settling In

When you do get to your new home, pick up where you left off. Keep the same routines and make sure to give your kids extra attention in their new home so they know that nothing has changed except for your home. Help them adapt and get excited about your new home by walking around the neighborhood and checking out places like their new school, the library, and even the movie theaters or an ice cream shop! They’ll quickly see that there’s a lot of fun things to do in their new hometown. Lastly, make sure that you schedule some times for their old friends to come over, play, and see your child’s new home. They’ll love showing it off and feel emotionally comfortable knowing that they still get to see their friends.

Moving with kids can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be! At Molloy Moving & Storage, we handle all of our moves with care and sensitivity, and specialize in New York moves. Follow these tips to make the moving process easier for you and your child and successfully transition into your new home.