Let’s face it: Moving can be stressful, and adding King the German shepherd or Princess the Persian can complicate matters. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re moving with your cat or dog down the street, out of state or across the country, a little preparation and planning will make it easier for everyone (and every animal) concerned. Try these suggestions:

  1. Bring your pet to your new place after the big moving day. If possible, leave them with a friend or family member on moving day itself to keep them away from the ruckus. The extra stress of having strangers in the house moving familiar belongings will only increase a cat or dog’s stress.
  2. Pack food, favorite toys, water bowls and other essentials in a separate duffel bag to ease the transition in your new home. This duffel bag should travel with you and your pet, and will go a long way to keeping your cat or dog comfortable the first few days in a new space.
  3. Stick to your pet’s schedule as much as possible. Maintaining the same feeding times and regular walks are easy ways to ensure they are happy and calm.
  4. For cats, it’s all about the litter box. Show them where the litter box is and keep them confined to one room for a few days before introducing them to your entire new setup. That way, your cat can learn a new place at his or her own pace, rather than deal with everything being new.
  5. Don’t wash the dog blankets before you move. Their familiar scent will keep your pup relaxed and help him or her feel more at home in a new location.
  6. Make finding a veterinarian a priority. Better to have King or Princess meet the new provider before an emergency arises.

Your pets pick up on your vibes, so if you’re doing well with the move, they will too. Molloy has the experience and know-how to make moving with your pet purrfectly simple. Contact us today for more information.