Dear Rob, Diane and German,

The tardiness of this communication is in NO way any kind of a comment on my enthusiasm for my experience with all of you during my recent move.  As I mentioned to Diane in a conversation we had a couple of weeks ago, as I retire after 42 years of higher education administration experience, it is an incredibly gratifying conclusion to that career to do so in the company of a trio of the most competent, caring and knowledgeable professionals I have ever encountered.

From Rob’s first visit to my apartment through the packing and loading and culminating with the unloading in Middlebury, every step in the moving exercise was done with consummate professionalism.  And having moved more than a dozen times throughout my career, I have more moving experience than I care to remember.

As I also mentioned to Diane, if my career was continuing, I would give very serious consideration to trying to steal you away from Molloy, or at the very least to hiring you as consultants to use for training purposes in infusing your extraordinary client-centered approach to how you do business into any workforce I might manage.  What you do and how you do it are truly unique in all of my professional experience.

So now if we can just prevail upon Rob to shift his misbegotten allegiance from the Yankees to the Red Sox (four in a row!), I think perfection will have been achieved.  To close on a slightly more serious note, thank you for affording me the opportunity of having been the beneficiary of your superb performance.