This us by far the best moving company I have ever used! From the very beginning of having someone can to my home and give me an estimate, giving great advice on how I can save cost, things that they cannot move by law and things that would be easier for them to pack like the kitchen. We also never wanted to attempt to pack the kitchen. The fabulous customer service person (Diane Gaines) who facilitated this marvelous move without any hiccups. She was there before, during, and after the move. She called several times before to make sure we were all on the same page, during the move to make sure the guys got in on time and were working efficiently, and when we got to our location, and after it was all done. She then called days later to make sure everything was fine. The movers were sooo nice, efficient, clear and hard working. They were punctual, and their estimate was on target. We actually got a refund because they estimated a pinch higher. It feels good to pay less than what you expected. The refund was small but it felt good with such a big move to another state. I will definitely be using this company again! 5 gold stars from start to end!