When you’re getting ready to move into a new home, there’s certainly a lot to get done. You have to finish up selling your old home or subletting your apartment and transfer all of your information to your new home. Let’s face it, moving in New York can be expensive!. The good news is that homeowners can make moving easier when it comes to the big day by planning out their moving budget and anticipating their expenses. Molloy Moving & Storage has comprised a thorough list of Expenses for moving will most likely be including not only the costs of the moving company, but also storage, packaging costs, projects you have to get done prior to moving, and transportation to your new home.

Pre-Moving Projects

New York homeowners in 2012 spent about $4,000 on average just on home improvement and remodeling prior to moving into a new place. Whether you take on projects in the home yourself or hire a professional, the cost can be worth it because your home’s value will be improved for when you sell. This will likely lead to your home receiving higher offers than it would have without these touch-ups.

Adding finishing touches to your home may also include more than just a fresh coat of paint. Homeowners commonly need to deal with small details, such as damaged plaster or a leaky faucet. Larger problems or potential problems should be dealt with prior to selling your home, so check to be sure that your piping and drainage systems are functioning properly. Fixing these problems ahead of time will make the process easier and make your home easier to sell. Evaluate your home and include any projects in your budget– you’ll need to set aside money to get them done, but the higher offers that you get will be well worth the effort.



Moving Company Costs

Once you’ve set aside the cash for repair and refurbishing expenses, it’s time to move on to costs for a moving company. Account for labor and fuel as well as tips, and if you have any valuables, art, antiques, or wine to move, it’s a good idea to inquire about any extra costs or details when it comes to moving these items. Molloy Moving & Storage provides special services for moving and storing valuable items.

Moving Supplies and Storage

You’ll also need to account for packing supplies you’ll need to purchase for moving day, like boxes, tape, labels, and bubble wrap. Molloy Moving & Storage carries all of the moving supplies you may need, and we can ship them right to your home! Will you need to put some of your belongings into storage while you remodel, pack, move, or settle in? You may want to price out several months of storage if necessary (and don’t forget the storage insurance).


The last thing to remember is to calculate any costs that may occur during moving transit. Many long distance moves cannot be accomplished in 24 hours. Depending on the length of your move, you may need to budget for this, including meals, hotel stays, and temporary housing when you are working with a moving company to move a long distance. Additionally, you may need to budget your gas costs if you are driving to your new home separately from the moving vehicle.


Planning your move and budget is the easiest way to ensure a stress-free and successful move. Make your New York move easier and begin planning today with Molloy!