Moving can be physically challenging. Some people even get hurt during their relocation. High heat, slips, falls, and muscle injuries can be devastating if you’re not careful. However, you can avoid injuries by taking simple steps to protect yourself. The following tips for a household relocation can help.

1. Get Help Moving Big Boxes

Lifting boxes can be a strain on your back and knees. If you get hurt while you’re packing, you might find it challenging to finish your relocation. You can’t afford to become injured! When the time comes to lift a heavy box, get help from someone. Use your partner to lift one side of the box while you lift the other.

Not sure if you’re able to move a box on your own? Signs you need help include:

  • You find it challenging to stay balanced when lifting the carton.
  • You must strain your muscles or find yourself groaning when you’re lifting items.
  • When trying to lift the box, you must strain all your muscles – legs, arms, and back.

2. Avoid Packing In High Heat

A lot of people move in summer. Physical activity in times of high heat can lead to problems like heat stroke and heat illness. You can avoid packing in times of high heat by packing early in the morning or after the sun goes down. If a heatwave hits and you have no air conditioning, you may need to take a break for a few days until the weather cools down again.

3. Use a Dolly

One of the ways you can avoid injuring yourself by lifting something too heavy is by using a dolly. A dolly makes lifting and moving heavy items like large boxes and furniture much more manageable. Note that if the item is too large – like a stove or a recliner – find a partner to help you keep the item steady on the dolly. You may also need to find someone who can help you lift the thing onto the dolly.

There are different types of dollies for different kinds of items. For example, some dollies are explicitly designed to help you move items like appliances and furniture. Match the dolly to the item you’re moving.

4. Stretch Before Getting Started

Are you moving things that require you to strain your muscles? Start by stretching to warm up your muscles. Stretching before moving heavy items can loosen your muscles and may help you avoid injury.

5. Wear the Right Shoes and Clothes

Match your clothes to the weather. Is it hot? Wear breathable, light-colored items. Is the temperature cool? Wear layers to start in warm clothes, then remove the layers as you warm up. 

Make sure your clothes don’t have loose material or strings that could get caught and cause injury. For example, tie strings on a hoodie could get caught on something and pull you over. 

Wear shoes with good treads as well. Good treads are essential to prevent slips. In addition, the shoes should be close-toed and tough, just in case you drop something like a box on your foot.

6. Control the Weight of the Box by Controlling the Size

Small boxes are generally lighter and easier to carry than heavy boxes. When packing heavy items like books, put them in small moving cartons to control the weight.

7. Work With a Reputable Moving Company

An essential way to avoid moving injuries is to work with a reputable moving company. Hire the experts to handle your relocation. Your moving professionals will know how to move your items without getting injured – and they’ll have the tools to get the work done.

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