New Jersey Moving TipsNow that the bedrooms, living areas, and kitchen are packed it’s time to work on your outside living area.  Here is a simple checklist Molloy created to help you pack outdoor belongings.

1. Clean Everything Before You Move

It may seem like an odd idea at first. But once you understand that by cleaning the area you can also clean your belongings and make sure they get put away clean, it all makes sense. Furniture and other large fixtures collect build up, grime, and dirt easily. Make sure that you wipe down any furniture, hose items that you can hose, and dry off your items. You may want to wash your garbage cans as well!

2. Beware of Unwanted Guests

The guests in this case would be insects and animals that checked out your belongings and thought that it might make a decent home or place for various functions. You might just find that since your furniture was outdoors, outdoor animals like skunks and snakes took up residence, in addition to spiders or wasps. Check your belongings for these critters before moving so that you don’t find out later.

3. Pack Your Things Well

Whether packing yourself or getting some handy professional movers to do it, packing your things should be done thoroughly and well to save damage and hardship down the line! Make it a priority to take all the cushions off of your furniture and then pad any sharp edges or hard parts. If there are parts that can fall off, wrap those separately. Make sure also to secure parts and accessories in small plastic bags that are labeled. Don’t forget that there’s a lot of clean up you may not have expected! While packing, schedule for time so that gas from lawn mowers and other gas-fueled appliances can be drained out, propane tanks can be removed from your grill, and paint cans and other somewhat hazardous materials can be disposed of or stored properly.

4, Don’t Forget the Plants

Plants do well most of the time, but moving time can be a delicate time for your plants. They may get lost in the mix, and watering them too little or being left in a hot car can cause your plants to wilt and even die! Prepare them for the move by having them covered with plastic sheets to prevent breaking, and wrap plastic around the pots to prevent leaking. You can also gather them in cardboard box lined with newspaper to have them travel well. Pack them pretty much last and unpack them first when moving to keep your plants happy and alive.

5. Involve Your Family

Explain to your kids that their toys and other things such as swing sets are going to be packed away or not available right now, but can be taken out once you get to your new home. Let them pick a favorite toy to have on them during the move so they don’t feel so stressed that all of their things are boxed away on top of moving to a new house. Make sure the parts are all labeled clearly whether in boxes or bags if they are disassembled parts of a larger set. 

Moving your outdoors things can be difficult, but that’s what Molloy is for! We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Make the transition to the next chapter in your family’s life as seamless a transition as possible and let us help you move.