Are you planning a move in New York?

Planning, organizing, packing, and transporting all your things for a move can be a big task. It’s a lot of work to pack your belongings, and even more stress and effort to physically move it. Molloy Moving & Supply can help!

A professional company that has been operating for over thirty years, Molloy Moving & Supply can help you with your journey and take away the most challenging part of moving for you. So what are the steps when you’re attempting a move? They’re all included here. Check out this guide to moving that will help you plan, prepare, and make the big move successfully.check-moving-dates

1. Picking a Date to Move

The first thing you need to decide before you get into everything is what date you’re going to move. Demand goes up for moving companies during certain days or seasons. Summertime may be more expensive. Consult with our moving specialists today for your best rate!

2. Transferring Utilities and Changing Your Address

Before you move, you’ll need to change your address and transfer or update your utility accounts. Once you know where you’re moving to, you can file an official Change of Address with the U.S. Postal Office as well as contact your old utility provider and either cancel your account or transfer it to your new address. You’ll need to inform your provider for gas, water, DSL, electric, cable, wifi, and phone so they make the proper changes and you can successfully transition to your new address.

3. Begin Packing Early

Depending on how many rooms you need to pack, start the process of packing at least two weeks before your move date. Trying to pack all your stuff up in one day or on the day the movers are coming is going to be needlessly stressful. Moving and packing always takes more time than you think it will, at least double. Start packing up the things that you aren’t heavily using beforehand, like books, movies, decorations, art, anything that isn’t necessary for daily use. Having the majority of your belongings packed will give you time to label, organize, and be ready to pack up what’s left.

4. Selecting What to Keep and What to Donate

Moving can be similar to spring cleaning. Since you’re going to be sorting through literally everything that you own, you’re going to notice a few things that you have no use for or just don’t want anymore. Remember, you don’t need to move everything with you. If you own items that would be better off donated or given to someone else, do so. Throw a tag sale if you have enough unwanted items! Otherwise, sort through what you’ll be keeping and what you’ll be donating so that you can lighten your load and avoid moving items you don’t really want. There are plenty of New York organizations that collect donations for great causes.

5. Pack Smarter, Not Harder

Packing all your things up takes some time, but if you properly prepare and have everything organized and sorted beforehand, it makes packing it all up much easier. Pack smarter, not harder! Have a variety of moving-safe boxes on hand and keep your items sorted by clothes, kitchen, and so on. Have permanent markers and labels on hand and plenty of bubble wrap for keeping fragile items secure. You can also use newspaper. You can even have a moving professional help you pack for extra security! It’s up to you. Just make sure everything is labeled clearly so boxes can packed for moving accordingly.moving-safely

6. Protect Important Documents

Paper documents are going to need extra security when you move. Your driver’s license, birth certificate, social security card, tax records, receipts, bills, bank records, and more are all going to be important. Keep them in folders and have them on you so they won’t get damaged or misplaced during the move.

7. Get Help Unpacking

If you’re too tired to unpack yourself, you can get help from the movers unpacking your stuff and moving your things to where you want. If you can afford it, this can save you a lot of time.

8. Don’t Forget to Tip

Thank your movers for helping you by tipping them! Generally a customary tip for a New York Mover is 15 to 20% of the cost of the move. Add it to your card or pay in cash—it’s up to you.celebrate-moving

9. Celebrate!

Celebrating your successful move by setting aside a bottle of champagne, wine, or even beers to toast a job well done! Moving is a big deal and the process involves a lot. Celebrate the end of moving and a new start in your life! Cheers!

Molloy Moving & Storage can keep your New York move as easy and stress-free as possible. Contact us to get started today!