Most people you talk to about moving into your new home will advise you on how to get ready for the move, hiring a moving firm, as well as how to go about your packing. Very few — or even none — will tell you about what you need to do before you move your belongings in. 

So, why not learn about those here? Molloy Moving & Storage has put together 6 tips: 

1. Install New Locks: since you really are not sure if any other person is in possession of keys to your new house, why not change its locks? With that, you will be sure of being the only one who can access it. With just $10, you can get a new deadbolt. Alternatively, you can contact a locksmith to install a new one for you. Typically, labor charges will be around $20 to $30 per lock. 

Change the locks
2. Look Out for Any Plumbing Leaks: though your home inspector may have done that prior to closing, there is no harm in checking one more time. Look out for any drips from the faucet or a running toilet. You may also want to check for any leaks on the water heater. 

QUICK TIP: Inspect your water meter at both ends of a 2-hour interval in which you have not used any water in the house and if you notice any change in the reading, then there is a leak. 

3. Steam-Clean Carpets: for a fresh beginning in your new home, this should be done prior to moving in your furniture. Typically, a professional carpet-cleaning company will charge you around $50 per room. However, most of them will also require a minimum of at least $100 before they can come out to do the work for you. Alternatively, you can rent a steam-cleaner for around $30/day and steam-clean your carpets and mats by yourself. 

4. Clean Your Cabinets: before you can start moving your personal belongings besides your dishes or bathroom supplies, it is also imperative that you wipe/clean your cabinets. Use a non-toxic cleaner to wipe both inside and outside. You could also consider replacing any contact paper that may be already existing. 

5. A Heave-ho for Critters! Rats, mice, bats, cockroaches and termites are some of the unwanted guests that you will surely want to get rid of from your new house before you move in. Several DIY methods that you can use that exist all over the internet. However, if you prefer to go the big-guns way, note that a pest-removal company is going to cost you at least $100 to $300. Additionally, you may need to fork out some extra $50 every time you have a monthly or quarterly visit from them. 

6. Know where the Circuit Breaker is: you not only need to know where this crucial box is, but also know a little bit about how to operate it just in case. Plus the main water valve as well. Moreover, familiarize yourself with the fuses that control the various sections of your new house. You may even consider labeling them to avoid any confusion. The process will require 2 people: one of you should stand in the rooms, to check when the power is going off while the other is doing the tripping of the fuses so as to match them. 

Having knowledge about turn on and off of the main water valve is also necessary in case of a plumbing emergency, a tornado/hurricane, or in case you are leaving out of town for a while. The valve could either be located inside or outside the house. When the knob is off, no faucet should be having any water coming out. 

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