Moving with cats and dogs is one thing, but moving with an exotic pet can be an entirely different experience. Here are some tips for getting yourself and your gilled, feathered or furry exotic animal into your new home unscathed.

  • Fish: For a short-distance move, it’s safe to place fish in a plastic bag filled with tank water. Long-distance moves, however, have proven dangerous and even fatal for fish. Unfortunately, your best bet may be rehoming Nemo before you move.
  • Guinea pigs: These friendly fur balls can be easily jostled around during vehicle transport. These anxious animals can suffer damage to their hearts from stress or physical injuries. To protect them, make sure they’re placed in a warm, small container that’s filled with creature comforts. Also, check on them regularly to ensure they’re eating and drinking.
  • Turtles: Transporting your pet turtle is relatively easy. For car travel, place it in a well-padded plastic storage container that has a secure lid punctured with air holes. Don’t give the turtle lots of room to move around. The trick is to pad the turtle well and make him feel secure during the trip.
  • Birds: It’s not uncommon for feathered friends to fly out of the nearest open window on moving day. And it doesn’t matter that your bird has never tried before; given the chance, Polly might fly the coop. Birds don’t do well with change. So, even when the smartest parrot squawks at the idea of being caged up, please do it on moving day.

Moving with exotic pets can be a hassle, but the experienced professional movers at Molloy can help your pet-friendly family relocate without a scratch. Contact us today to find out how stress-free your next move can be.