You’re ready to start packing for your household move, and it’s time to stock up on your moving supplies.

It is essential to choose moving boxes based on what you will pack in them, the box sizes, and the sturdiness. Knowing these factors will help you decide which box to use during a move to simplify things. Find out what you need to know before choosing the ideal moving boxes.

Here’s a brief guide to moving boxes and which ones to use for your various goods.

Small Boxes

Generally, moving boxes should be lighter than 50 pounds when fully packed. You’ll want to be sure your boxes are light enough. Small boxes are great for compact but heavy items like books, records, and silverware. They are also suitable for small appliances. 

Organizing these items into small boxes prevents the boxes from breaking or becoming too heavy to handle comfortably. 


Medium Boxes

A complete household relocation usually involves using mostly medium or standard moving boxes. They are generally about three cubic feet in size and can be used to pack


  • Cookware 
  • Plates
  • Sports equipment
  • Nonperishable foods
  • Small appliances

Large Boxes

Large moving boxes are made for more oversized objects that don’t weigh much. It’s essential that bulky, dense items, like books, are not piled into these boxes because they may break or become very difficult to move. Instead, pack the following in large moving cartons

  • Curtains
  • Duvets 
  • Outerwear
  • Clothing
  • Towels
  • Pillows

Pro Tip: Consider the box’s stackability when selecting all moving cartons. Each box should be sturdy enough to support the weight of its contents and the cartons stacked on top without damaging the box’s lid, bottom, or sides.

Specialty Moving Boxes

In addition to the standard moving boxes, your mover may offer a variety of convenient specialty moving boxes.

Wardrobe Boxes

A wardrobe box is one of the most popular specialty moving boxes. Wardrobe boxes are large, thick boxes with a metal hanging rod so that you can hang blouses, shirts, and suits directly from your closet into the box without folding your clothes. In addition, these boxes are available in several heights to accommodate longer items, such as dresses and pants.

Dish Pack Boxes

Dish pack boxes are roughly the same size as medium boxes but are twice as thick. They also have cell dividers and come with foam pouches to allow you to pack your dishes and glassware safely. Be sure to check the weight limits on dish packs to avoid overpacking.

TV or Picture Boxes

Flat-screen televisions, mirrors, or pictures are best packed in an appropriately sized flat box. The boxes generally have a foam bag and corners to provide extra protection. Of course, if you have the box your TV originally came in, using it is an excellent option.

Mattress Boxes

Professional movers will wrap your mattresses in plastic bags, making a mattress box unnecessary. However, if you plan to store your mattress for a while, the box will protect it from outside elements better than the plastic bag. Mattress boxes come in sizes for each mattress, from crib to king-sized.

Custom Solutions

Special items like rare artwork, antiques, or other collectibles may require custom boxes or crates. But, again, your professional mover can create the right solution for every item. 

Wrapping It All Up

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