Moving is an exciting time, although it can be stressful with all the details you need to manage when preparing to sell an existing home. To help streamline and simplify the process, we’ve got some expert tips to help you.

Choose the Right Time to Sell

Many people opt to put their homes on the market during the spring months because buyers are usually more active at this time. However, this isn’t always feasible for homeowners. Before putting a home on the market, consider the details involved.

  • Does a new home need to be purchased?
  • Does the move involve a job change?
  • Is the move flexible? (It’s cheaper to move off-season.)

Once you decide on a timeframe, you can then put a general plan together. It’s then easier to move forward with the actual sales and moving processes.

Connect With a Real Estate Agent

The majority of sellers choose to connect with an experienced real estate agent. Some sellers go the FSBO route because they don’t want to pay a commission, but statistics show agents can net a better final sales price, and sellers come out financially ahead. Other benefits include:

  • Access to Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
  • Expert advice about local market conditions
  • Ability to set the home at a competitive price point
  • Excellent marketing skills to help sell quickly.
  • Skills to negotiate the best price for the home.

Most real estate agents have a vast professional network to share with sellers. They’ll also ensure pertinent documents are in order and no details overlooked during the sales and closing processes.

Declutter and Reduce

Downsizing a home before putting it on the market is advantageous for two primary reasons that put money back in a seller’s pocket. First, it makes the house look more appealing to potential buyers who will be more likely to bid the asking price. Secondly, downsizing means fewer possessions to move, thus lowering the cost of moving.

Hire a Mover

Professional movers know how to ensure that your belongings are safely moved to a new home, and that provides peace of mind. Be sure to get estimates as soon as you set a moving date. Depending on the season, dates may book up quickly. Booking sooner also means getting the best prices. Most homeowners don’t regret hiring a professional to do the heavy lifting because it ensures their belongings are moved safely, minus the hassle.

Perform Maintenance

Your home should be in its best shape to attract the eye of interested buyers. Homeowners should fix any apparent issues, along with remedying cosmetic flaws. Before putting a home on the market, be sure to:

  • Professionally clean carpets
  • Paint walls a neutral color
  • Repair bumps and cracks in the driveway and walkways
  • Clean windows and replace any broken blinds or torn shades
  • Eliminate any dust or spider webs
  • Scrub bathroom and kitchen fixtures (including the tub and sinks)

Try to look through the house with an objective eye, as some flaws are not noticeable when you’ve got a good workaround, or you see them daily to the point they’re invisible. Rest assured, buyers and their agents will notice them. First impressions definitely matter!

Make Moving Easier

Are you looking for an expert mover? Contact us today; we’re happy to answer any questions you have about the moving process.