We are still settling in and unpacking boxes.

Here’s our feedback:

NJ loading: Bill  and the crew showed up on time and got to work. Bill was very thorough cataloging all our items and making sure everything was loaded. Jason and the two guys from Brooklyn were great. They wrapped the furniture and protected our stuff as it got loaded. It was hot that day and they had to contend with 3 floors. They all did a great job and were very courteous and professional. Took about 3 1/2 hrs or so and they were gone. Wow!

Transport to FL: We were kept informed by Bill and were happy the delivery date was at the early part of the delivery interval. Bill called immediately when he had mechanical trouble in Orlando and let us know he would be a day late. He gave us updates on his progress and we were happy to be kept informed.

FL delivery: another very hot day for the crew but no stairs at this end. They did a great job moving everything in and helping set up beds, etc. Again, the crew was great and fast.

Overall it was a good experience, and we were very happy with Bill and the crews at both ends. We were kept informed and all our items were handled with care. There was no damage as far as we know with the items that the crew handled.

Please let Joe know of our experience and thank him also for his excellent, knowledgeable, service, and advice.

It was a great experience and it made a challenging event like cross country moving much less stressful. We would recommend Malloy and Mayflower to anyone making a move.