We moved recently and well, what can one say, The Molloy Bro’s ARE the ones that YOU should use to make your next move! You can bank on that! They are an enormous help and will get you moving in the right direction from the outset. They were extremely professional right from the start.  Their estimator came by, looked the job over and offered many helpful suggestions on ways we could conserve costs.  He was very careful to help manage my expectations and to let me know exactly what to expect from them and their process, all the way through.  All charges were thoroughly explained to me several times over (maybe a little overkill, but happily abided).  They stuck to their estimate and asked for no unexpected charges.  They were dead-on when it came to their time estimates regarding hours and time. They arrived timely on the day of the move.  The crew even gracefully assisted my wife and me with some last minute, knit-picky packing that should have already been done (oops, my bad).  They left for the final destination just before lunchtime and arrived maybe 15 minutes past the drive time.  That means they only took approximately 15 minutes for lunch or rolled the time for lunch into the travel time, which of course, they are not required to do. Either way, we felt the benefit of their generosity, when they left a little bit earlier than we thought they would.  Not only were they very polite throughout, what was to us, a very trying day, but they were fast, too!  They discussed, considered, moved, and acted like men on a mission.  A mission which, they accomplished like clockwork.  They were precise in terms of “order”, as well.  Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen items were loaded last and unloaded first.  The men kept us on track the entire day.  By the time they left our new house, all of our beds and bedrooms were made and set up.  Yes, that’s right!  Our beds were made!  They helped us do it. All the house furniture was in place. The bathroom items were in or close to the bathrooms, and the kitchen had a semblance of order necessary to easily prep a basic meal.


Their move coordinator was in touch by telephone and through email throughout the entire process and even followed up repeatedly, after the move was complete.  She was invaluable from start to finish and it was comforting to know that she was just a moment away, by phone, if we needed her.


My favorite part of the entire experience was when she asked me if anything during the move had been broken. Laughingly, I said, “yes, I think a coffee mug broke.”  Immediately, she started trying to get the info from me to file a claim. That really got me laughing. I had to insist that she drop the mug issue.  She was ready, able, and willing to get me that dollar fifty!  I mean really!  Who could ask for any more, from a company with whom you will entrust your third most stressful experience of life events? MOVING.


Go ahead now, you should get moving yourself and call them for an estimate. After all, of all the times in your life when you may have had to choose between whether or not to be good to yourself, this one time, is thee one time, that you should treat yourself and take the pressure off, what is an already stress-filled and intense time and an exhausting experience.  Higher yourself a competent and professional moving team. Get the Molloy Brothers for your move.  You’ll be happy you did!