movers did an exceptional job on all fronts. I would recommend Molloy to anyone (and hope I’ll have the opportunity to do that soon). If you send me links, I can also post stuff wherever it’s most helpful online – probably in the next few days or within the week — and/or write a short letter to your boss regarding your own helpfulness and professionalism. I’ve used many movers over the course of my life and can easily say this was the best and most efficient process (plus, most reasonably priced).

I look forward to speaking soon as I have a few minor questions (e.g., I may want to get a few items out of storage as it turned out I misjudged the size of the apartment. Not sure what the process for doing that would be or the cost, etc… I did receive the inventory via email). This wouldn’t be anything huge – probably one chair, a side-table and maybe a small wine cabinet and I’d leave the rest in storage. Lastly, will I be billed for the monthly storage fee automatically or do I need to handle it some other way? If automatic, the card you have on file (an American Express) works fine but let’s discuss.

Have a very pleasant evening and stay warm and safe. The wind is insane out there and it’s going to be much colder by morning.