The move consisted of two separate houses, one of which consisted of over 500 items in total. The homes were moved over a year apart, due to covid 19 issues. In both cases the crews were timely and hard working on both ends. Both moves contained a very large amount of delicate/breakable items and I’m happy to say I couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome. The second and by far larger of the two moves began in the middle of a snow storm and very easily could have been postponed but the driver spent over and hour just getting his truck up the hill to the house. Way above and beyond any expectations you might have, under the circumstances. In short, they did a great job throughout and my contact, Hope, stuck with me throughout the 18 months it took to complete this project.
At the Mayflower office, Hope was my contact and stuck with it dealing with change after change, never failing to help in any way possible. Alan Rose and his son Chavez were the lead and piano mover for the first move and amazed me with how efficient and hard working they were. The second move had one driver on both ends and although his name eludes me at this moment, he went above and beyond in all situations.