We had a very positive experience with our Mayflower move.  Stephen Seligson did an amazing  job of recording all of the items that Ken and I were sending to my sister’s when he visited us at Shelter Island to estimate the move.  He then recorded the items that my sister had listed on an Excel spread sheet and we all spoke with my sister over the telephone for clarification.  It was easy for me to correlate the items on Stephen’s list with my Excel spreadsheets for items to be moved to Maine and Florida and everything was accounted for when I received the documentation from Mayflower.

Jade, you were very flexible in  adjusting the date changes that we had to make based on the delays in the construction of my sister’s new home in Maine.  As time passed you also adjusted some of the quantities and corrected the details on the contracts.  It was helpful to receive your telephone call the day before the move to confirm the arrival times of the Mayflower trucks.

The pickup of the items at Shelter Island went smoothly.  Jack quickly sized up the size and scope of the move and the location of the items destined for both Maine and Florida.  Jack documented and tagged all of the items effectively while J. R. efficiently loaded the truck with Jack after the documentation was complete.  First Jack and J. R. loaded the boxes and items from our garage and then picked up the furniture in the cottage destined for Maine.  They then loaded the boxes and furniture destined for Florida.  Before we knew it, in less than four hours the truck was loaded.  Jack gave us the time to expect the truck to arrive the next day in Massachusetts.

Jack and J. R. arrived at my sister’s home in Boxford, MA and after a quick walk through once again began their tagging and loading.  Again in less than four hours, all of my sister’s furniture and boxes were loaded onto the truck.  This portion of the move was more complex as my sister had items on the two upper floors of her house as well as the basement and involved steps to and from the house.  Jack maneuvered the truck in a small space to enable the use of the ramp from my sister’s steps to the side entrance of the truck.

On Friday Jack picked up Justin as an additional assistant in Portland.  The challenge of arriving at my sister’s involved driving the truck up a dirt road with curves and an incline which Jack handled masterfully.  Once again Jack, J. R. and Justin took a quick tour of the rooms and basement where the furnishings and boxes were to be placed.  My sister had designated the rooms by color and floor and advised Jack, J. R. and Justin on the appropriate location for each box and piece of furniture.  Before we knew it by noon the job was completed and I signed the paperwork which Jack clearly explained.

Once again our family experienced a successful move thanks to Mayflower.  As we unpacked the boxes we found that all of the boxes, furniture, and rugs were in the rooms where they were to be placed.  It was our pleasure to work with the members of the Mayflower staff.

When Ken and I left my sister’s house Sunday night, all of the rooms were set up and ready for my sister’s family and all but a few of the boxes were unpacked with the contents in place.


Thank you.


Donna L. W