Moving is HELL! Thank goodness for Hope! She was so kind to me during this time when several other people I had hired to help me (at great expense) let me down in a BIG way.

While I cannot say the crew who first loaded my belongings onto the Molloy bros. truck was the best, Martin  and his crew Jeremy, and Greg were terrific! They handled my items with respect, and went over and above to make sure I was not stressed out during the long process. This was a move from NJ to NC, and lots of things could have gone wrong. In a move this big, one would expect broken or lost items. There were only minor issues, and Hope was

on hand immediately to correct them when Martin brought it Hope’s attention. I vote to give

Hope, Martin, and his crew a raise! If you decide to go with Molloy be sure to get these guys!


Andrea, enjoying the great State of North Carolina