Hi Jade…i tried to connect with you to give my CC number, etc the day of the move but you were not there yet, and so I talked to someone else. But I have wanted to tell your manager that the entire experience, from first contact to the checking of the storage unit at destination had been perfect in every detail. The estimator, Jack,  was professional, thorough, and informative. And I guess it was you that arranged for him, as well as the packers and movers  to meet me in Brooklyn and understood I was 3 hours or more away from the Brooklyn address, in NW Connecticut. You managed both my land line in CT and my cell phone as I travelled to Brooklyn, and were never out of touch. There was a potential problem in that the packers were not going to be able to come on the day I had expected…or the month. Someone had misunderstood that July was to be the date of the move..horrors! We had to be out by June 22, as per signed document with the Land Lord. A new plan was hastily made that also allowed packers to come in 2 days and me to get back to CT where I was giving a wedding dinner for my Granddaughter! The intelligent efficient packers came two days later, and in the heat of a closed up apartment, opened windows for me and found fans, and with great skill completed the job in a little less than the allotted time. I was able to get back to CT and do a good Granny’s duty.

After the wedding my husband and I drove to Brooklyn and met the movers.

They also with speed and skill got everything down steep stairs and packed away in the truck, ready to go astonishingly soon.

Before we knew it they were calling us from the Storage place in CT.

It was all done. Each member of your team was thoughtful and polite and kind beyond the call of duty. They knew exactly what to do and did it fast and well.

I have never experienced a better organized move; and when a problem arose, it was solved in our favor, quickly and with excellent results.

To top it all off, the CT Storage unit is tidily filled and will, I hope , be a pleasure to unpack.

Finally , I would unreservedly recommend your services.


Alice C