When I decided to relocate from NYC to FL to be closer to my family and to escape the cold, lingering winters, I assumed from the get-go that I would have to do the move myself in order to avoid the “exorbitant costs” associated with hiring a professional moving company.  But after determining the cost of renting a Penske truck, hiring movers to load and unload the truck on both ends, gas, tolls and hotels, and factored in the agony of driving a 16′ truck from NYC to FL, I decided, for sh*ts and giggles mainly, to get an estimate from Molloy via Mayflower, which to my surprise came in at only $1100 above the cost of doing the move myself.  The process was smooth and painless from start to finish.  I called Mayflower on a Thursday, got an appointment with Molloy the following Tuesday, received my estimate that same day, scheduled my pickup for 10 days out, and all my boxes and furniture pieces arrived in FL unscathed 5 days later.  Lesson learned, never move yourself when you can get Molloy to do it for a few dollars more.