Have you decided to relocate to a brand new household? That’s great! But while changing your surroundings will undoubtedly be great for you, you should definitely know something – such a relocation project also entails a lot of work that needs to be done beforehand. One thing’s for sure – You’ll also have more than a couple of moving-related chores to deal with. For example – in the process, you’ll have to inform everyone in your life that you’ll be moving soon. And we’re here to give you a few reminders on doing that efficiently. If you want to know all of the ways to inform people that you moved – have a look right here!

The movers

First and foremost, once you start to plan your relocation, you’ll need to find a good moving company. And that means doing some research and finding the best movers in your area. Most quality moving companies have an online presence, thanks to firms like Movers Development who craft their websites. But seeing as you have already happened upon on one of the top-rated moving companies in the NY – NJ – CT area, Molloy Bros – this part has already been taken care of. All you need to do is contact them, and set up a moving date that suits everyone. Make sure you schedule your movers in time if you don’t want them to be busy on your moving day of choice. But apart from the movers, who else should know about your relocation, and how do you inform them?

The post office

Secondly, among the crucial institutions that should be aware of your relocation – there’s always the post office. If you’re looking to inform people that you’ve moved, there’s really no skipping this. The post office needs to know that you’re changing your address. Once you decide to live in another place, you don’t want any of your mail to get misplaced. And if you want it to arrive at the new address without any problems and in a timely manner, this is something you need to do to avoid mixups.


Once you tell the post office about your relocation, they will make sure that all of the mail arriving at your old address is properly forwarded to the new one. So, should you forget to inform people that you moved, you’ll still get their letters in your new household! Really, this is an essential part of the checklist for any relocation.

The Internal Revenue Service

Naturally, the post office isn’t the only establishment that needs to know about your relocation. Speaking of the ways to inform people that you moved – you’ll also need to tell another government agency about your newly changed address. If you don’t desire to have any problems when you do your taxes the next time – you should definitely tell the IRS that you’ll be going to a new household. Plus, this could have some practical boons for you as well; namely, the fact that moving expenses may be tax-deductible, depending on the nature of your relocation and the precise circumstances.


And don’t worry, informing the IRS about the move won’t require too much effort on your part. These days, you can just utilize their website to complete this process. Just go to the website, search for the proper form, and fill it with your details – that’s basically all there is to it! Apart from the IRS, you should probably inform your local state tax agency regarding the relocation as well.

Dispensing with the utilities

If you want your relocation to be as orderly as possible, you’ll need to stay organized during your move. And when it comes to your need to inform people that you moved, there are other entities that should definitely catch wind of this – your utility providers. Indeed, if you want to transfer your utilities to the new household, or cancel some of them altogether, don’t forget to make a call to the companies that are your utility providers. And this is definitely something you’ll want to do in a timely manner and methodically. Should you forget to do this, there will be quite a mess to deal with down the line. That’s certainly something you want to avoid. So, once you know the time and date of your move precisely and you have the address of your new household in hand, make a call to your electric company and the gas company.


And while these are the most important utility providers that have to know about your relocation, there are others to think about as well. Sure, if you’re doing a DIY move, the downside is that you need to consider all of these logistics by yourself. That’s why many people hire moving companies to take care of the planning and the execution for them. But even if you’re doing this on your own – you also want to be certain that some of the utilities are already connected to your new home before you move in. That way, you’ll be greeted by a home with the heat and power turned on!

The people at your company

If you’re going to quit your job or transfer to a position in a different branch in a new city, obviously, the people at your company will have to know about this. And you probably have many friends from work who will want to know about your relocation. But if you have to inform people at your workplace that you moved, and you can’t be bothered to do it with each individual separately, just contact someone from your human resources department. They’ll probably inform your other colleagues and even throw a farewell party!

Modern Solutions

At the end of the day, no matter what you’re doing – you want to utilize everything that the Internet offers you. After all, this is the age of tech! And that includes the effort to inform people that you moved. That’s why Molloy partners with a company called Updater! Not a single one of our customers has to worry about the details we’ve mentioned above because Updater offers a set of tools that can automate each of the processes we’ve talked about.