Clutter around the house can make you stressed and anxious on a good day. Seeing clutter when preparing for a household move can only elevate your tension. Removing clutter from your home is a significant first step when preparing for a relocation. With a solid plan, systematic action, and swift decision-making, you can eliminate clutter before moving to your new home.

Avoid Procrastinating

There’s no way to sugar-coat it; dealing with clutter in your home isn’t fun. It takes hard work and challenging decision-making skills to piece through your mess to have a clear space. It’s an easy task to put off until the last minute, but that will only make your problems worse. The best trick to eliminate clutter for your move is to start early. You can take your time and declutter quickly by avoiding procrastination. Working in small segments throughout your house will help you stay focused on the objective and prevent burnout.

Begin with Your Least Used Rooms

Starting the decluttering process is the hardest part, so it’s best to keep it manageable. Start your focus in the least used room in your house. For many people, this is a basement or spare bedroom.

You’ll find it’s easy to have big wins and success in the space, which can help motivate and propel you to tackle big jobs in high-traffic areas of your house. Even small wins mark huge progress in this process.

Push Out Sentiment

Objects can have sentimental value that triggers fond memories. These memories can activate your inner hoarder and make you want to hold on to everything in your house. Do your best to put aside sentiment and think about the practicality of your belongings. Do you need it? Will you use it? Do you still like it? If you answer “no” to any of those questions, it’s best to let those go.

Sort Into Piles

Stay organized through your purge and create piles. Sort the belongings you are getting rid of into piles dedicated to the trash/recycling, shred (for personal documents), donate, or sell. Once you have accumulated a large enough pile, take the items to the corresponding locations. Make a rule that once an item goes into a discard pile, it doesn’t return. This rule will help keep you accountable and help you declutter your area.

Purge Expired Products

One of the easiest ways to declutter your home is by tossing expired items. Go through your kitchen pantry and eliminate any food past the expiration date, including canned or dry goods. Next, move to the bathroom and throw away any expired makeup or toiletries. It is shocking how much you can declutter your home simply by removing items that are no longer good or safe to use.

Effortless Relocation

Moving may seem like a chore, but it is also a good chance for a clean start. Purging your home of unused or unwanted items can help make your move go more smoothly. For an effortless move, contact us today and let our team of reliable, professional movers provide you with a free quote for your next move.