moving-calendar-listIf you want to move to New York and you’re taking the move lightly, then you may want to get serious about it before it’s too late. Selling your old home can be a hassle and moving into your new apartment also takes a lot of time. At the end of the day, moving to a new home is very stressful.

Making sure you have electricity at your new place, but also changing your address and packing up all your belongings can easily take their toll on you. However, if you don’t want to feel exhausted after the move, then be sure to plan early.

In fact, when you prepare in advance, you’ll be able to greatly reduce the stress associated with moving into a new home. To include some tasks you can consider earlier, they are packing all the things you won’t use until moving day and also doing some research on the best movers in your area. Don’t forget to purge your home of items you don’t need anymore, since the less you pack, the less you need to worry about.

Do you have the floor plans of the house you plan on moving into? If so, then how about you take a look at them and start planning exactly what you’ll have in each room? This way, when you get to your new place, you won’t have to worry about what goes where, since you already know that.

As you can see, the more you manage to pack prior to your move, the easier it’s going to be to keep your composure during the move. Of course, make sure that you also pack a suitcase of items you’re going to use the day you need to move and the following days. To make it easier for you, just try to imagine you’re going on vacation, so take only those items that are absolutely necessary for the trip. With these tips in mind, your move is going to be a lot easier and a lot less stressful as well.

The Timeline:

Two Months Before:

  1. Make a moving Binder with any paperwork pertaining to the move.
  2. Sort and Purge- doing this early will help determine how many items really need to be moved.
  3. Research moving companies, moving supply costs, etc.
  4. Organize important records such as school records, birth certificates, etc.

Six Weeks Before:

  1. Order moving supplies – boxes, labels, tape, etc.
  2. Take measurements, this will help determine how to pack and move furniture
  3. Any items that havent been used in a long time should be dicarded

One Month Before:

  1. Choose your moving company and confirm all arrangements
  2. Begin packing and label all boxes to make it easier to unpack later
  3. Forward all medical records
  4. Submit a Change of Address
  5. Notify any important parties of an address change, credit cards, doctors, etc.
  6. Separate valuble items, these should not be packed along side any items where they can get misplaced.

Two Weeks Before:

  1. If moving locally, arrange to take off from work for your moving day(s)
  2. Clean out any safe-deposit box
  3. Make minor repairs to your home before you leave

One Week Before:

  1. Pack your suitcases with any belongings you may want until you are unpacked
  2. Refill perscriptions – you don’t want to run out of important medicine while in the hectic moving process

A Few Days Before:

  1. Defrost the Freezer
  2. Plan for Payment
  3. Double Check all details pertaining to the move
  4. Take inventory of all boxes and belonging to ensure you dont leave important items behind
  5. Verify with your moving company