There’s no denying it: New Jersey gets a bad rap. Last year a poll by YouGov identified New Jersey as “the least liked state in America.” But there’s more to the state than stereotypical accents, confusing highways, and traffic! Read on to find out the top reasons to love the Garden State.

  • Two Words: The Shore. The Jersey Shore is a coastal region that encompasses 141 miles of oceanfront views, spanning from New Brunswick to Cape May Point. “Down the shore,” as the phrase goes, you’ll find more than just beautiful beaches—boardwalks teeming with arcades, waterparks, amusement parks, and more food choices than you can handle.
  • New York sports teams actually play here. Some people may not realize this, but the NY Jets and NY Giants play at MetLife Stadium, which is in New Jersey, not New York. Even if sports aren’t for you, the Meadowlands complex also features great concerts like Coldplay, Kenny Chesney, and Paul McCartney, and events like the State Fair and Monster Jam.
  • It’s more popular than you’d think. New Jersey has the highest population density in the entire United States. With an average of 1,030 people per square mile, it’s 13 times more populated than the national average.
  • We’re first. New Jersey was home to many “firsts,” including the first Native American reservation, the discovery of the first nearly complete dinosaur skeleton (the Hadrosaurus), the first baseball game (which was played in Hoboken), the first intercollegiate football game (Rutgers College vs. Princeton – Rutgers won!), and the first drive-in movie theater.
  • You can gamble on us. Atlantic City is the second largest gaming destination in the United States and offers almost a dozen different casinos to choose from. Like to play it safe? Atlantic City also offers easy access to the ocean, the longest boardwalk, and numerous five-star restaurants and entertainment. Fun fact: the streets in the board game Monopoly are named after actual Atlantic City streets!

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