Relocating your business can be an exciting time, especially when you’re moving into a space that’s better for your customers or better for your staff. But, at the same time, it’s essential to ensure that all staff and customers find out about your relocation through strategic communications that clearly lay out what’s happening to your business.

Staff should know what to expect, and you should provide customers with the correct information so they can continue to be your customers. In addition, these tips can help announce your business relocation.

Tell Employees First

Before anyone from the public finds out about your business relocation, you should inform your staff first. Set a specific date to tell your team all at once to ensure everyone gets the same message and avoid the possibility of rumors that lead to miscommunications.

If your staff is too large to tell them in person during a meeting, you can announce it in an email. Tell them when and where the relocation will happen, and give a basic overview of your plans to ensure the business can continue to function during the relocation. If the company is shutting down during the relocation, tell the staff so they’ll be prepared.

Inform Contacts and Customers Next

Once you have notified your staff about the upcoming change, tell contacts and customers next. Provide the same information you did your team (when, where, and whether the business will continue to run during the relocation). There are many ways to convey this news to customers and contacts.

  • Send an email with the basic information
  • Write a newsletter article, if you print a customer newsletter
  • Display signs on the walls of your business
  • Publish this information on your website

Make It Clear You’re Not Closing

Your business may look like it’s closed or closing when the products and furniture get packed away and moved to the new location. Make the signs around your facility clear that your business is not shutting down to ensure that your customers can find you and know to look for you in a new location.

Advertise in the Area Where You’re Relocating

One great thing about relocating to a new area is that your business will likely pick up new customers who would never have tried your business otherwise. The best way to get new customers in your new location is to create an advertising plan to announce your presence and entice customers to check out your business. 

If your business is a retail store, you can have a special sale to celebrate your new location. This will encourage new customers to try your business. First, discount your products, goods, or services to encourage customers to try your business. Then, advertise your sale heavily to generate excitement and bring people in.

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