Whether you’re living in North Jersey and are looking to move to a more affordable home in South Jersey, or live in South Jersey and want to be closer to New York City, this year may be the year to sell your home. You already know there are many benefits to living in this state: beautiful beaches, great education system, close proximity to major cities and many more. But with home sales (and prices) increasing, it’s time to take advantage. Here are four reasons why this may be the time to sell your home—but still stay put in the Garden State.

  1. Sales are up… and so are prices. According to a recent article in The New York Times, bidding wars are becoming a trend in many New Jersey communities. With more people looking to move out of the city, the demand for homes in the suburbs is going up, so families are willing to pay more to ensure they get the house of their dreams—making this year a dream one for sellers.
  2. You’re close to cit(ies). With plenty of mass transit options, it’s easy for Jersey residents to get to NYC or Philly. Of course, depending what part of New Jersey you’re in, the duration of the trip differs. If you live in Hoboken, you can be in downtown Manhattan in about 10 minutes. If you’re in Camden, you can be in Philly in approximately 16 minutes. Either way, it’s nice to know you have options for employment, entertainment and more.
  3. Full-service gas stations are the law. This may not seem like a big deal, but when those frigid winter winds are blowing, having someone fill your gas is a nice luxury. As one of two states where it’s actually illegal for you to pump your own gas (Oregon the other), New Jersey drivers stay in the comfort of their own cars while having their tank filled. Plus, gas in NJ is significantly cheaper than its neighbors. According to industry statistics, New York’s average gas price comes in at $2.31, Pennsylvania comes in at $2.21, and Jersey comes in at a low $1.91 (cha-ching!).
  4. Education system. According to annual rankings from U.S. News and World Report, New Jersey is home to 31 gold, 36 silver and 42 bronze medal schools. So, you can rest easy knowing that your children will receive a great education.

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