Stephen Seligson, Director of Sales and Marketing, Molloy Moving and Storage, clarifies the difference between private storage and Self storage.

As the Director of Sales and Marketing at Molloy Moving & Storage, many people ask me what the difference is between private storage offered by Molloy and self storage. There are several points on which they differ.

Private Storage: Private storage, or “full- service” storage, is when the moving company picks up the goods and moves items into the storage facility. The items are cared for, wrapped up and professionally packed and locked into individual containers. These private containers are stored in a warehouse that is temperature controlled and locked for safekeeping. If a customer would like to access their items, it is by appointment only and usually accompanied by a small access fee. On a monthly basis, private storage is generally less expensive than self storage. When it is time to come out of storage, the goods are professionally unwrapped, delivered and placed where the customer wants them to go. Molloy Moving and Storage has private storage facilities in Old Bethpage, NY; Maspeth, Queens; and Harrison, NJ.

Self Storage: Self storage is do-it-yourself storage. The customer is responsible for transporting and unloading their items at the storage facility with no assistance from the storage company. The customer has the key to the facility and can access their items based on the hours of the facility. Self storage tends to be more expensive than private storage.

Advantages of Private Storage vs. Self Storage

  • Private storage less expensive.
  • Private storage provides pick-up and delivery services.
  • Self storage is accessible without an appointment.
  • Private storage is professionally packed—so more items fit in less space than in do-it-yourself self storage units.

If you would like to obtain a free in-home estimate for private storage, please contact Molloy Moving and Storage.