Moving to a new town is challenging for many. A new school can be especially scary for a child who feels shy or introverted. However, you can help your little ones adjust to life in a new school. By showing understanding and compassion for your child, maintaining a routine, and helping your child get to know people and places inside the school, you can make the experience of going to a new school a positive one.

Talk With Teachers

Talk to your child’s teachers in advance to tell them a little about your child. This is essential information if your child feels apprehensive about coming to their new school. Then, once your child’s teachers are prepared for the new student, they’ll know how to help your child feel better about their new surroundings.

Giving your child’s teachers a heads-up can also help the teachers watch for signs that your child is having a hard time adjusting. Opening these early lines of communication makes it easy to maintain contact so that everyone involved in your child’s life is prepared to help them throughout their transition.

Give Your Child Slack

Your child needs some time to adjust. They may be grumpy some days and will need your compassion if they show they’re unhappy. Be understanding to the extent possible, so your child will know you still love them and that they have a welcoming place to come home to at night.

Be There For Your Child

Spend extra time with your child. Go to the movies, the park, or get ice cream. Talk to your child about their experiences at school to find out how the new school is going. Taking the time to bond shows your child that they’re not alone.

Maintain Your Routine

Children like things to be predictable, especially when things are disruptive. So, if your child has a routine at home, it’s crucial to maintain that routine at this time. When everything in your child’s life feels unpredictable, maintaining some consistency can help your child feel safer and more secure.

Maybe your child’s routine consists of a regular bedtime, or it involves perhaps eating spaghetti on Thursdays. Whatever the usual pattern is at home, maintain it, even though moving to a new home might make it more challenging.

Tour the School in Advance

If your child is nervous about learning to navigate a new school, one way you can make that easier for them is to tour the school in advance. Seeing the school ahead of time makes it less stressful for your child to adapt to their new environment when they start school.

Facilitate Friendships

Once your child starts to make friends, facilitate those friendships. Encourage your child to bring new friends over to your house. This allows you to meet the people your child is getting to know at school and helps facilitate friendships that your child needs right now.

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