Moving has the potential to be a bit of a traumatic experience for kids. After all, uprooting a settled child and moving from their familiar surroundings is likely to trigger an emotional response. However, you can do a couple of things to make household moving easier on your little ones. 

Get Them Prepared

Alleviate some of the stress by telling your kids about the move as soon as you can. The lead time up to the move is an important period. The way you handle this time leading up to the move can significantly impact how well your children adapt.

Be honest and explain the reasons for the move and the changes that will come with it. This provides kids the opportunity to process the information and consider the changes ahead.

For young children, explain that the essential things will stay constant. For instance, everything in the house, including what’s in your child’s bedroom, will come with you.

Let Your Kids Kick-Start the Packing Process

Allow your kids to start packing ahead of mom and dad, and the reality of the move will set in. Packing suitcases and bags create the initial closure necessary for your children to segue from their old home to the new one. Furthermore, allowing your kids to start packing ahead of mom and dad also gives them a sense of ownership over the process. 

This is not to say you have to relinquish control over your little ones’ whole packing process. Instead, let them kick-start this project, and they will feel as though they have a say in how the move is conducted. Involve your kids in the packing process to give them something constructive to focus on rather than dwelling on any negative aspects of the move.

Prep With Music and Food

Put on some tunes and order some favorite foods, and your kids might be much more gung-ho about packing and the moving process. Make sure the music is upbeat so that your kids can get excited and absorb the positive vibes, and feel excited about the pending move. You can even let your little ones choose some of the music to play while performing moving prep.

Explore the New Neighborhood

Take a drive or a walk through the new neighborhood. Check out local parks, playgrounds, forest preserves, rec centers, and park districts. Find activities that your child might enjoy.

Find new favorites and traditions. Check out the neighborhood farmers market, pizza places, donut shops, and ice cream shops.

Create a Family Treasure Chest

Single out a box that will serve as a treasure chest. Let your children decorate this treasure box. Load up the box with the items your little ones will look forward to using when riding to the new house. This box gives your kids quick and easy access to toys, gadgets, electronics, and other fun items they can play with while in the car as you transport possessions from your old home to your new one. These enjoyable items will keep your young ones happy or distract as they say “goodbye” to the old house and “hello” to the new one.

Moving Made Easy

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