Are you preparing to move? If so, you might need temporary storage.

Before storing your items, you’ll want to prepare them properly. Here are some tips for finding a storage place to stow your items and why you might want to.

Why Might You Need Temporary Storage?

Many people often opt for a temporary storage solution for their belongings. Here are a few top reasons.

  • Staying somewhere temporarily while waiting for a new house to close after closing on a former one
  • Needing to store household items while remodeling or getting settled in
  • Staging a home to put on the market and need to clear out the clutter
  • Wanting to temporarily store large items or furniture when moving into a smaller apartment for a while

Many moving companies offer solutions for the above situations and more if you need storage.

Learn What You Can and Cannot Put in a Storage Unit

Be sure to ask your mover or the storage facility you intend to use what you should and should not store in a short- or long-term storage unit.

Generally, perishable, flammable, or alive (e.g., plants) are prohibited in storage units. Most storage facilities offer climate control for their units but inquire, just in case. You want to carefully prepare for any potential moist, milder, or other weather extremes.

Decide What Gets Placed in Storage and What Comes With You

Once you determine that you’ll need storage and where that will be, you must decide what comes with you and what gets designated for storage. This way, you know how much space you’ll need to rent and how much it’ll cost.

Pro tip: Carve aside time to downsize and declutter areas you plan to put into storage. You’ll save money by not storing items you plan to eliminate anyway, and it’ll be easier to unpack later.

Clean Items Before Putting Them Into Storage

It’s a good idea to vacuum, dust, and clean anything you want to put into storage. This way, you ensure no moisture, dirt, spills, or other items start to smell rancid in closed quarters. You can also enjoy unpacking to clean items later.

Inventory Everything Put Into Storage

After deciding what to store, take inventory of each box so you can remember what you’ve tucked away. It’s easy to forget what you’ve put into storage with all the hustle and bustle, especially if you’re busy buying, selling, or remodeling your home.

Label All Boxes

Label all of your boxes, and be specific. For example, don’t just label boxes as “bedroom,” “bathroom,” or “kitchen.” Instead, use labels such as “dishes,” “clothing,” or “towels.” You want to make sure you know exactly where everything is later on.

Pro tip: Consider using clear containers to see what’s in each box easily. (But still, label them!)

Need a Storage Solution? Call Us for Help!

Whether you need short-term or long-term storage associated with your move or for something else, we can help. We offer excellent storage facilities and can help get everything safely stored. Ready to plan your next move? Contact us today for a free quote.