Moving provides the perfect opportunity to declutter and sort. A moving sale is one way to get rid of those items you no longer need or want and earn a little extra money. Here are some tips for a successful moving sale.

Check Your Inventory

You’ll want to have items that appeal to a wide range of people. If your items are limited, consider asking friends or neighbors to go in with you to boost the selection and interest in the sale.

Consider Your Location

If your home is for sale, you may want to ask a neighbor if you can hold the sale in their yard. Weekends are typically the best time for moving sales and showing houses. You want your home to make an excellent first impression.

Check Local Regulations

Some localities require garage or yard sales permits, so check with your town or city hall. Also, ask about any other regulations that might apply.


Announce your sale on social media. Consider advertising on websites such as Garage Sale Tracker or Yard Sale Search—post signs and fliers throughout your neighborhood. Also, consider an ad in the local newspaper in the garage sales category.

Price Everything

Putting a price on every item makes the shopping experience easier for customers and you. A rule of thumb is that new things will sell for about 65 percent of retail, and gently used items will sell for about 50 percent of retail. You may also find some vintage items on Etsy or Craig’s List.

Ideally, customers will buy the items at the price you’ve listed. However, you should also be prepared to haggle on some things. Some people like to think they are getting a better buy through haggling. If you’re not willing to consider a lower price on an item, write “Firm” on the price tag.

Organize Items

Display items neatly on tables, racks, and shelves. Organize and group all similar goods. Also, remember to clean and shine things to make an excellent first impression.

Consider Offering Refreshments

Consider offering baked goods or canned drinks for sale. The food may draw some people, encourage others to stay longer, and net you some additional cash.

Have Enough Change

Visit the bank to get small bills and change. Be sure to keep the money with you at all times. Ask one of your friends or neighbors to help you with the sale so that one of you can help customers while the other is handling a deal and making change.

Timing is Everything

Consider holding a two-day event on Friday and Saturday if you have vintage items. Collectors, dealers, and resellers will usually come on Friday.

Also, be prepared for early birds. If your sign says the sale begins at 9 a.m., you’ll likely still have people showing up before breakfast.

Donate Unsold Items

Ideally, you’ll sell all your items. However, if you have leftovers, make a plan to donate to charity.

Moving Help

There are many steps in the residential moving process, from decluttering to packing boxes and selling your house to selecting a mover. Contact us for a free quote. We can make your move easier.