Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! It’s such an exciting time and you’ve spent a lot of hours packing up your old home and preparing it for vacancy. Now all you have to do is put your stuff in your new pad and you’re all done, right? Not so fast. You may be moving into a shiny new (or new to you) home, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that need to be done before you move in. Before you start to pack the moving van, take a look at the checklist below and make sure you’re ready for your new adventure.

  • Change your address. This may sound like a no-brainer, but a lot of people drag their feet when it comes to changing their address. Not only does waiting increase your likelihood of receiving mail late—or not at all—but there are a lot of new home tasks that require proof of residence. Save yourself the headache and do it as soon as you have a move-in date. You can even do it online!
  • Reacquaint yourself with your new ecosystem. Your closing walkthrough probably feels like another lifetime, so make sure you do a thorough sweep of every room again. If there are any issues you encounter (even if they were disclosed to you when you purchased the home), take a picture and make a note. This way when you finally move that desk in your home office five years from now, you’ll know if that hole in the drywall was always there or if a water stain has spread. You should also have a working understanding of your water heater, propane tank and fuse box—these are things you don’t want find yourself unfamiliar with in an emergency, like a blackout or pipe leak.
  • Keep those receipts. You’ll have to claim your new home on your taxes next year, so make sure you save all relevant paperwork. Certain things, like moving services, may also be tax-deductible, so play it safe and save receipts for anything that may be eligible.
  • Get some help settling in. Molloy Moving & Storage’s OnPoint Preferred makes settling into your new home simple and stress-free with:
    • Wi-Fi, computer and home theater moving and setup.
    • Professional cleaning services.
    • Appliance hookup services.
    • Post-move garbage removal.
    • Increased destination waiting time if you arrive late.
    • Compensation for late moving truck arrival.
  • Keep your vehicle legal. If you’re moving to another state, you’ll need to register your vehicle again and update your car insurance, which may result in a change of policy rates. Check your insurance company’s and new state’s DMV websites for specific instructions and time limitations.
  • Get a safe deposit box. Make copies of your closing documents and put the originals in a safe deposit box. This may seem extreme, but all it takes is one unexpected home disaster like a flood or fire, or a county records error to erase your proof of ownership.

Now that you know what to do when you move to your new home, let us help get you there. Contact the professionals at Molloy Moving & Storage for a free, no-obligation estimate. Check out The Essential Checklist to a Happy New Home: Part 2 for tips on what to do once you’re all moved in.